In memory of Ken Hall, 20/1/1927 – 12/4/2015

Enfield Water Polo Club is sad to announce the loss of their founder, 88-year-old Ken Hall, who passed away peacefully on Sunday afternoon.

A popular and ever-present figure on the poolside since the Fifties, Ken was a friend to all and will be missed by not just Enfield, but the entire London and Middlesex water polo community.

Ken played for Hornsey SC, the Royal Navy and Southgate before helping form Enfield Water Polo Club in 1961.

He also went on to serve as President of the London Water Polo League in 2002 at the age of 75.

Ken's passion and enthusiasm for water polo inspired hundreds of players – young and old – and he will be fondly remembered for dedicating so much to the sport he loved.

"Ken has been at the heart of water polo in north London since the Fifties and the game has lost a true great," said Enfield club secretary Fred Willey.

"As a player, Ken was famed for his lob shot, which he perfected at the old open-air Southbury pool, where he would launch an effort just as the sun was setting, leaving the goalkeeper blinded.

"Later, he acted as club treasurer, secretary, and just about everything else.

"While many other clubs have come and gone, Ken kept driving Enfield forward and the success the club has achieved is thanks to Ken's hard work through the years."

As well as a thriving water polo club, Ken leaves behind his wife, Ann, two sons – Richard and Chris – and his daughter, Linda.

There’s no doubt he’s already getting the goals out somewhere, but RIP, Ken – Enfield’s finest ever No.4.

Ken served for many years both the Middlesex County Water polo Committee and the London League for many years including his Presidency of the latter in 2002.





Southern Mens Under 19 Water Polo competition 2015 - Report.

March 30 2015

Middlesex re-entered the competition after not entering in 2014 due to a date problem (rearrangement by organisers) and being winners in 2013.

We ended in runners up position out of 5 (no Essex) which is good as it demonstrates consistent strength with different players over the time period.  Many teams wax and wane over a period such as this due to player change.  Hampshire for instance went from winners to last in consecutive years.

The team had three weekends of preparation at Uxbridge pool paid for by the county.

Travel was in three cars driven by the three coaches.

The team was run by three coach/managers: Paul Bryan, Martin Waller, Stephen Baker.

The management team would like to express our thanks for the financial support for the team.


  • Alex Hammond-Giles GK                                    Penguin
  • Richard Waller Capt                                            Enfield
  • Alex Waller                                                        Enfield
  • Charlie Briers                                                     Enfield
  • Fraser Briers                                                      Enfield
  • Nikos Chamalidis                                                Enfield 
  • Kostas Chamalidis    GK and outfield                   Enfield
  • Sina Dehnadi                                                      Enfield
  • Harry Bird                                                           Polytechnic
  • Ben Wormsley                                                    West London Penguin
  • Samuel Roberts                                                   West London Penguin
  • Max Jensen                                                        West London Penguin



Middx v Kent                     W 7-5

Middx v Hampshire            W 7-0

Middx v Sussex                 W 9-3  Actually 10-2 but there was a table error.

Middx v Surrey                   L 2-6

Final Table


Surrey                   7

Middlesex              6

Sussex                  5

Kent                      2

Hampshire             0


Match Details.

Middx v Kent                     W 7-5

A match that was never seriously in doubt despite the scoreline, where the team used the opening game to blood all players and develop game play systems.  We conceded the first goal and then went 6 unchallenged prior to a late flurry of opposition scores.

Scorers: Richard Waller 1, Alex Waller 2, Charlie Briers 3, Nikos Chamalidis 1,

Majors: Nikos Chamalidis 1, Samuel Roberts 1

Middx v Hampshire        W 7-0

Scorers: Richard Waller 2, Alex Waller 2, Charlie Briers 1, Kostas Chamalidis 2,

Majors: Sina Dehnadi 1, Richard Waller 1, Kostas Chamalidis 1.

The score says it all, but we were the only team to keep a clean sheet against Hampshire.

Middx v Sussex                W 9-3

We made the score 10-2 with a table error responsible for the variance.

Scorers: Richard Waller 2, Alex Waller 2, Charlie Briers 3, Nikos Chamalidis 3,

Majors: Harry Bird 1, Charlie Briers 1.

A comfortable victory against the third placed side and a team which managed a draw against tournament winners.  Probably our best game of the competition.

Middx v Surrey                                 L 2-6

Scorers: Richard Waller 1, Alex Waller 1,

Majors: Richard Waller 1, Frazer Briers 1, Alex Waller 1.

A very tough final match for us, up against three international forwards and an accomplished and good team.  We struggled to get into gear and missed an early opportunity, a very late and debatable penalty at the end of the first half seeing us turn round 2-0 down.  We struggled to get back in and with the game gone ensured all players got a game in the final.  We were closer than the result reflected but Surrey were worthy winners. 

Top goal Scorers

Alex Waller, Charlie Briers 7 each

Richard Waller 6

Nikos Chamalidis 4

Kostas Chamalidis 2

Major Kings

Harry Bird, Samuel Roberts 2 each

Richard Waller, Alex Waller, Charlie Briers, Frazer Briers, Nikos Chamalidis, Kostas Chamalidis 1 each.






The Middlesex County U17 won the St. Niklaas (U18) Water Polo Tournament in August, for the first time.

In recent years Middlesex Teams have won 4 youth tournaments in 4 years.

In St Niklaas the team went undefeated through 5 1st round matches, then the semi-final and final. Opposition came from teams representing areas of Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and Britain.

 The team results were victories over Thalassa 15 - 0; Wase 8 - 4; Oostende 8 - 3; Cambridge  17 - 1; and Brugge 9 - 2, in the 1st round. In the Semi-Final Middlesex beat Wase 8 - 2; and in the Final the team beat Brugge 9 - 8.

The leading goalscorers for the County were 

Paul Botje 23; Richard Waller 22; and Isobel Dean 11.

The team was Daniel Culyer; Alex Hammond; Max Jensen; Sam Roberts and Nicholas Birch (all from West London Penguin); Richard Waller; Alex Waller; Sina Dehnadi; and Ella Wywas (all from Enfield); Isobel Dean (Otter) and Paul Botje (Watford)


For the 1st time Middlesex took a second age group to compete at St. Niklaas. A young U15 team represented the county and came 5th in their age group. Across the Tournament they gained 3 wins, 3 losses , and 1 draw, to leave them in 5th place overall. In the 1st round they had victories over Bochum A 7 - 6; and Bochum B 9 - 2; defeats were against Tielt, 7 - 10;  Brugge 1 - 8;  and Leiden 2 - 9, and a 5 - 5 draw was gained with Wase. In the 5th / 6th place play-off Middlesex beat Bochum A 10 - 6

The leading goal scorers for the County were

Alex Waller 24; Nick Birch 9; and Sam Roberts 6. 

The team was Miles Berryman; Joe Shine; Miles Venn; Ben Lammy; Alex Waller and Ellka Wywas ( all from Enfield); Nick Birch; Toby Roberts' Sam Roberts and Michael Seagroatt (all from West London Penguin)

Photo of Middlesex Players


The official  Middlesex Under 18 water polo training session takes place weekly at the Uxbridge Pool, Hillingdon, from 4-6pm each Saturday during term time.

The pool is deep water and there are a number of experienced coaches in attendance including the London Regional development coaching team.

We coach players from 12 through 18years old for county representative teams.

All players wishing to play representative water polo should attend whenever they can.

All clubs in Middlesex are asked to signpost their players to this valuable additional session.

The county plays under U15/U17 and U19 competitions annually.




2013 Ron Turner award has been made to CHARLIE BRIERS of ENFIELD

The award for this year’s Ron Turner award has been awarded to;

Charlie Briers of Enfield.

Charlie is 15 years old and in the past 12 months has:

·         Played for his country

·         Played for the county in competitions in the UK and overseas

·         Was a member of the Enfield team which won the London League

·         Was a member of the team which won the junior national club competition


Recently he was a key member of the County under 16 team which won the St Niklaas tournament in Belgium.

Charlie is a prodigious talent and high goal scorer.

He has ability beyond his years and is set to have a long, prolific and successful career at all levels of the game.

In the year just ended he scored in excess of 200 goals in all competitions.

He is head and shoulder above any other candidate as this year’s young player of the year in the county.