MCASA Officers
Listed here are the current Middlesex County ASA officers and their associated positions.
Ms Jeanette EDMISTON Teddington SC
Tel: 07502 418946 Email:
President Elect
Tel:  Email: [email protected]
Mrs Gillian NE AL (2011) Ealing SC
Tel: 01895 469627 Email: [email protected]
Assistant Secretary
Tel:   Email:
Sam WHITMORE (2014) Ealing SC
7 Drew Gardens, Greenford, MIDDX UB6 7QF
Tel: 020 8445 16781  Email: [email protected]
Assistant Treasurer
Evelyn INGLETON (2022) Ealing SC
Secretary Swimming Committee
Colin JONES Seabyrd SC
Tel:   Email: [email protected]
Assistant Secretary Swimming Committee - Officials
Vacant POST 
Secretary Competitions
Leah PULLEN (2012) Ealing SC
Tel: 07593 972812  Email: [email protected]
Secretary Diving Committee
Richard LERMAN (2013)  Advisory
Secretary Masters Committee
Ian WOOLLARD (2004) Barnet Copthall SC
Tel: 7791 215764  Email: [email protected]
Secretary Swimming Officials Committee
Andy Dixon (2020) Harrow SC
Secretary Artistic Swimming Committee
Ms Charlotte LEA Seymore
Medals and Trophy Secretary
Jo MARTIN (2018) Hounslow Jets
41a Tentelow Lane, Norwood Green, UB2 4LL
Secretary Water Polo Committee
Richard (Fred) Willey (2018) Harringey SC
Secretary Para Swimming Committee
Mr Brian KAPP Harringey SC
Secretary Open Water Committee
Mr Brian KAPP Haringey SC & Mr David SKINNER Haringey SC
Medical Adviser
Chris WOOLLARD (ex officio)
58 Hillingdon Hill, Exbridge, UB10 0JD
Tel:    Email: [email protected]
Welfare Officer
Maria ABRAMS (2003) Ealing S.C.
68 Wintringham Way, Purley on Thames, Berks RG8 8BG
Tel: 07970 744170 Email: [email protected]
Independent Examiners
Rajiv Malhotra SMITH MALHOTRA LTD Chartered Accountants
21 Hurley Court, 953 High Street, London, N12 8FA
Tel: 020 8445 16781  
Samantha WHITMORE (2014) Ealing SC
7 Drew Gardens, Greenford UB6 7QF
Tel: 07920 478138
Gillian NEAL (2011) Ealing SC
97 The Larches,Hillingdon UB10 0DW
Tel: 07810 170032
Health & Safety Secretary
Mr Ralph SHORTLAND (2003) Ealing S.C.
55 New Road, Hanworth, Middlesex,, TW13 6TG
Tel: 020 8384 1681 Email: [email protected]
Active Executive
Trevor HYDE (2008) Ealing SC
Leah PULLEN (2012) Ealing SC
Ralph SHORTLAND (2016) Ealing SC
Pam CROFTS (1994) Haringey SC
Brian KAPP Haringey SC
Jeanette EDMISTON (2017) Teddington SC
Sam WHITMORE (2014) Ealing SC
Ian WOOLLARD (2004) Barnet Copthall S.C.
Colin JONES Seabyrd SC
Karin VAZIRANI (2017) Ealing SC
Susie BRESLIN (2018) Barnett Copthall SC
Jo MARTIN (2018) Ealing SC
Tasha COUPLAND (2014) London Borough of Harrow SC
Ann O'LEARY (2021) Hillingdon SC
Evelyn INGLETON (2022) Ealing SC
Jacek REDER (2022) Teddington SC
Andy WOSKA Barnet Copthall SC
Phil PRENTICE (2017) Barnet Copthall SC
Frances PRENTICE  Barnet Copthall SC
Anna DOWN (2023) Houslow Jets SC
Andrew MORRIS (2023) Out to Swim SC
Jason KEELER (2023) Hillingdon SC
Tina FRANCHI (2023) Brent Dolphins SC
Gillian NE AL (2011) Ealing SC
Maria ABRAMS (2003) Ealing S.C.
Richard (Fred) Willey (2018) Harringey SC
Andy Dixon (2020) Harrow SC