Wavepower – the ASA child safeguarding policy                and procedures

Wavepower 2012/15 is the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures manual and replaces all previous ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures documents. All ASA affiliated clubs should adopt and implement Wavepower 2012/15.

The theme of Wavepower 2012/15 is to safeguard children and young people in line with current legislation and guidance.  The responsibility to safeguard children in our clubs and related activities lies will all those involved in the sport and is not the sole responsibility of any one person at club, county or national level.  Safeguarding children should become an integral part of all club activities and create a culture that provides a safe, happy and fun environment in which children can learn to swim and develop to a level appropriate for their ability.

The aim of Wavepower 2012/15 is to enable everyone in our sport to play their part in safeguarding children offering practical guidance for those who are directly involved in working with children and providing awareness of both mandatory requirements and good practice guidance.

The manual is fully indexed and divided into sub-sections tailored to different groups.

The document will be fully updated in 2016 but in the meantime if there are any changes in Policy of new guidance becomes available new pages will be added to this section of the website.

The ASA welcome feedback on Wavepower 2012/15.  Click here to send the ASA your views.

  • Section 1  Introduction to Wavepower 2012/15
  • Section 2  Toolbox for clubs
  • Section 3  Responsibility for child safeguarding in the ASA
  • Section 4  Information and guidance for coaches, teachers and poolside helpers
  • Section 5  Information and guidance for young people
  • Section 6  Information and guidance for parents

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Wavepower 2012/15 Additional Useful documents