2012-13 Ron Turner Award.


The award for this year’s Ron Turner award is proposed as;


Charlie Briers of Enfield.


Charlie is 15 years old and in the past 12 months has:

  • Played for his country
  • Played for the county in competitions in the UK and overseas
  • Was a member of the Enfield team which won the London League
  • Was a member of the team which won the junior national club competition

Recently he was a key member of the County under 16 team which won the St Niklaas tournament in Belgium.

Charlie is a prodigious talent and high goal scorer.

He has ability beyond his years and is set to have a long, prolific and successful career at all levels of the game.

In the year just ended he scored in excess of 200 goals in all competitions.

He is head and shoulder above any other candidate as this year’s young player of the year in the county.